Thursday, June 29, 2006

stick a fork in them...

...the Rangers are done. Suspect pitching, NO timely hitting, complete and total inability to manufacture runs, no speed on the bases; need I go on? Only in the AL West is a team the caliber of the Rangers able to sniff first place, though they have now fallen into 3rd place in the West, 2.5 games behind the A's. Is it just me or does it seem more like 12.5 games? At one game over .500, I'm not sure the Rangers are even that good. Michael Young and Gary Matthews Jr. are the only consistent players on this team. Mark DeRosa and Gerald Laird have also performed well but are still unproven. Teixeira is in a 0-15 slump, Blalock is feast or famine, same with Mench. And don’t get me started on Brad Wilkerson! That could be Alfonso Soriano if Tom Hicks could find a way to open up his purse strings just a tad.

It's gut-check time for Texas. They come home for a long home stand starting against the Astros who come in on a 3-game losing streak. The Rangers, currently on a 5-game skid themselves, need a weekend sweep of the Astros. Game 1 is Padilla vs. Oswalt, win that and the next two Astro starters (Rodriguez and Buchholz) should be easy pickings if the Rangers can find their hitting stroke at home. Lose Friday night and things could be spiraling out of control quicker than Kenny Rogers on a cameraman.

NBA draft comments:
• That may have been one of the weakest draft classes in recent memory.

• Dan Patrick was good, Stephen A. Smith gets on my nerves and Jay Bilas just wants face time.

• The Mavs found a good player with the 28th pick, selecting Maurice Ager out of Michigan State. He averaged 19+ points last year as a senior. There's talk that Marquis Daniels may be on his way out of Dallas. I hope that's not the case, how can you not like a guy with the nickname Quisy?

• I think Portland traded their whole team last night for a bunch of rookies... I may be exaggerating a bit, but they were involved in FOUR separate trades! Can you say, "Who's on first" as it will take until 2007 for their fans to figure out whom they have on the court.

• With the 20th pick, the NY Knicks took Renaldo Balkman in yesterday's NBA draft. Who? A 6-6 power forward out of South Carolina? Do they play bball there? This guy may have gone undrafted and the Knicks take him at No. 20?!? With all the bad PR lately with the whole Larry Brown exodus and Isaiah basically getting an ultimatum to win now or your gone, the Knicks needed to draft a top name, someone they could get some good pub from and who might actually have an NBA future. No such luck. Prediction: Isaiah Thomas is fired before Christmas.

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