Tuesday, June 27, 2006

nobody asked me but...

The Rangers got jobbed tonight. For the second time in the last week, Teixeira had a game-winning (potentially) hit taken away from him by a bad foul ball call. The homer a week ago over the foul pole was a difficult call without seeing it on replay, but tonight's shot down the right field line actually drew chalk. It would have been a bases-loaded double for Mark that would have cleared the bases with the runners getting a good jump with two outs.

No one in the Giants starting lineup tonight came into the game batting over .300. Only one was higher than .275 and that was the back up catcher, hitting .286, though he but only has 49 ABs this year. This begs the question how the Giants torched Millwood and co. for 14 hits in eight innings?!?

• A troublesome stat for the Rangers; Kevin Mench has hit only 1 HR since May 9th.

Even more mind-boggling, Brad Wilkerson hasn't had a 2-out hit with RISP all year! That's 67 games with nothing, none, notta, nil with RISP and two outs! Freakin incredible! Oh by the way, he still leads the majors in strikeouts.

More on the Adam Eaton front, he'll be ready in a month... right before the trade deadline.

Roger Clemens is now 0-2 in 2 starts with the Astros who have yet to provide him any run support and continue to sink in the NL Central... good pick there Rocket, playing for a loser. Makes it pretty obvious it's all for the money.

Cowboys training camp starts in exactly one month... about the same time the Rangers will be completely out of the AL West race if they don't turn things around very soon.

Teixeira pleading his case

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mike said...

Worst call of the year!