Monday, June 19, 2006

dirk blows, refs blow more

Great video of Cuban answering questions after Game 5 here.

Its hard to blame a game on the officiating, especially with the free throw opportunites that the Mavs had late but missed. But something has to be said about the officiating in Game 5 and throughout much of the Finals. How does the official the furthest away (Bennett Salvatore at half freakin court) call a foul on Dirk when both officials that were closer to the play thought it was a non-call? Replay indicate no foul was made, though there did appear to be an obvious push off by Wade on Terry during his drive that went uncalled. Neither was an apparant back-court violation by Wade which happened right in front of Salvatore. What a horrible game changing missed called that could turn out to be. Hmm, a trend is developing. How does Dwayne Wade shoot more FT attempts than the whole Mavs team? Wade set a Finals record in FT attempts! The Game 5 officiating could go down as the worst ever in a NBA Finals game. But that's history now. It's time for the Mavs to get some home cooking, as in favorable calls. If that doesn't happen in Game 6 then I'm calling bullshit on Stern, Jackson and the whole f-in NBA.

Wade getting the "phantom" call

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