Wednesday, June 21, 2006

fuck the heat

Yeah, that's right, FUCK the Miami Heat! Fuck Pat Riley, fuck Dwayne Wade, fuck David Stern, fuck Stu Jackson and fuck the dumb ass incompetent officials of Games 5 & 6. I'm not one who normally drops F-bombs left and right; it’s just not my style. Maybe I've been reading Cuban's blog too much, I dunno, but seriously, what other word is there to sum up the travesty that took place the last two games of the Mavs/Heat series? So now that I've f-in got that out of my system, I'll try to be objective about what the NBA called the Finals.

I wrote after Game 5 that I expected the Mavs to get some home cooking in Game 6... I mean why wouldn't they? They were playing at home; every call went against them in Miami, especially in Game 5 where the game was handed on a silver platter to the Heat. The home team gets the calls they always say. Obviously Stern team of Dan Crawford, Eddie Rush and Steve Javie didn't get the memo. Maybe they got off the plane at DFW, felt the humidity and assumed they were in South Beach? Whatever the case, how does Dwayne Wade, just like in Game 5 in Miami, shoot as many FTs as the WHOLE MAVS TEAM? Ok, he was two short, but seriously, he's playing ON THE ROAD! Dallas was the home team last time I checked. The floor had the Mavs logo on it, yet Wade still got every call. I'm watching the game last night from a local sports bar down on lower Greenville, maybe not the most objective audience, but I almost spewed my drink across the bar when Wade got his second phantom call of the game mid-way through the second quarter. Marquis Daniels was nowhere close to Wade as he pulled up for a jumper just inside the free throw line. There was so much room you could have fit Shaq in between the two! Shaq was riding pine at the time, but that's how far off Quisy was, yet he still got whistled for a hack. I looked at the crew I was there with and we all had the same look... WTF? I couldn’t watch any of the post-game. I didn’t want to see the smirk on Shaq’s face, not to mention the ear-to-ear grin David Stern must have had. We did a shot and hit on some girls that seemed more upset over the game than we were which didn’t seem possible.

It's safe to say the Mavs didn't play their best basketball when it was needed in crunch time since they left the AAC after Game 2. That being said though, I'm not sure it would have mattered. You couldn't get within 2 feet of Wade without there being a foul called, no contact was required. The wide-open NBA game that Stern had professed was the future of the NBA was nowhere to be found in the Finals. It was the ugly, thug-it-up, Eastern Conference style that Riley likes to play. It was painful to watch, nothing like the series' against the Suns and Spurs. Even with all that though, the Mavs had their chances. I remember saying to myself as the Mavs choked away a 9 point lead with 2 minutes left in Game 1 vs. the Spurs, you can't do that against good teams. You do that in the Finals and you'll lose. Then they did it again against the Suns and I said, you can't do that if you make the Finals. Sure enough, they did it in Game 3, gave up a 13 point 4th quarter lead with 6 minutes left. It didn't seem as big at the time as the Mavs still seemed to be playing better ball, but it was huge. It let Miami back into a series they should have been all but out of. Put Game 3 away and you break the Heat's spirit and the series never makes it backs to Dallas. The Mavs had their chances but what I'll remember most from this series is how ridiculously bad the games were watch and even more so, how bad they were officiated.

It's time to move on though. The Rangers haven't totally collapsed yet and the Cowboys are only a month away from starting practice. Sometimes you just have to say, what the fuck.

(Update: For video evidence to back up the phantom fouls on Wade, click here.)


Anonymous said...

I hear that from now on the name of the team will be changed to the Dallas Whiners. My god, I've never heard such a bunch of crybabies in my life. Maybe if you guys would ever drive to the basket instead of hoisting long range jump shots, you might get a few foul calls. Get over it. You had the home court advantage and you still got beat. Get em next year. Stop the whining, you are just embarrasing yourself. Indeedf you are reminding me after many years why i used to hate the Cowboys.

zac said...

Ahh great! Another typical ignorant commenter that obviously didn't read the whole post, makes a dumbass homer comment and then hides behind their anonymity... gotta love it! If you had read past the first couple sentences you'd have discovered that I said it was the Mavs own fault they lost the series for not putting Game 3 away like they should have. Thanks for the comment; work on those reading skills before you comment next time though!

Anonymous said...
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