Sunday, June 25, 2006

rangers suffer altitude sickness

Ok, well maybe not literally, but anytime you're offense gets shut out in Colorado, you're not going to be feeling very good about it. Vicente Padilla had a good outing wasted by the Rangers inability to score. The Rangers flat out CANNOT manufacture runs. Buck doesn't coach that way but he doesn't have the offense he had the last couple of years. Gone are Dulluci and Soriano, replaced by Wilkerson and the rookie Kinsler. Kinsler's a good player, but he's not going to hit 40 homers like Soriano or steal any bases. The Rangers are 6-16 in games where they don't hit a home run and just 8-14 in one run games. Those two stats prove how much the Rangers need to learn how to play small ball, and if they don't, August will just be when the Cowboys start training camp.

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