Monday, June 26, 2006

random musings...

• Wouldn't it be nice to have Adam Eaton in the Rangers rotation right about now? Or maybe Kenny Rogers? Or what about that Chris Young guy? Instead we have John Koronka, John Rheinecker, an injured Kameron Loe and a bag... hmm, maybe that's redundant.

• The Rangers hope to get Adam Eaton back soon after the all-star break... they also hope to still be in the AL West race when that happens.

Pudge is still the best catcher in the majors. You just don't run on this guy and he can flat out hit the ball to all fields.

• Big Papi = Clutch

• The most over-used quote these day - "It is what it is" ... how profound.

• 65 teams is plenty for the NCAA Bball tourney. Diluting the field by doubling it basically renders the regular season moot. If it's not broke, dont fix it.

• Until someone has some proof, not accusations, not hearsay, but real proof that Lance Armstrong doped, please just shut up! Stop with the unproven and uncorroborated allegations. He's the greatest cyclist ever, period.

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