Monday, April 26, 2010

Guess who's back...

back again... ok well probably not based on my previous comeback attempt a year and a half ago combined with a new job with ever-expanding responsibility.

In any case, we shall see... so its hockey playoff time and my beloved Dallas Stars are not participating for the second straight year (only the 2nd time that's happened in franchise history and the first since moving to Dallas). I'm rooting for Chicago in the West and Washington in the East but really I mainly dont want either Pittsburgh nor Detroit to win.

Oh and a few of the Stars have gone under the knife here lately with Richards repairing a small labrum tear and Daley and Robidas getting some shoulder work done...

The Rangers are off to a
torrid horrible start and gave tonight's game away by giving up back to back home runs in the top of the ninth.

Random thought... just got a new laptop and am re-syncing my iphone for the first time... taking. for. ever.