Wednesday, December 21, 2005

kobe, part ii

So it was less than two weeks ago that I was blogging about how Kobe had just ripped the Mavs a new one. Last night in LA, he utterly destroyed them. Blowing up huge is an understatement. Through 3 quarters, Kobe Bryant outscored the whole Dallas Mavericks team, 62-61. Not often do coaches care to acknowledge individual accomplishments in team sports, let alone do it during the game, but at the time out before the 4th qtr Phil Jackson wrote on the white board during the Laker team huddle 'Bryant 62, Mavs 61'. It was that spectacular to watch.

Before the game, Coach Avery Johnson stated that the Mavs would 'use the whole team to defend him' based on his 43 point output 10 days ago in Dallas. Well it was quite apparent that no one on the Mavs could even get close enough to Kobe to smell his cologne. He torched everyone that tried to guard him. Sixty-two points in 33 minutes. Not a bad nights work. If only the Mavs could have kept themselves in the game, Kobe might have made even more history by playing in the 4th qtr. To not play Kobe up by 33 points was really a no win situation for Phil Jackson. He sits him and everyone says he should have played him to see what might have been, Kobe was only 9 points from setting the all time Lakers scoring record. And quite possibly, he could have hit 80 points, which only has been done once, by Wilt Chamberlain. If he had played Kobe with the big lead, he would have been second-guessed for sure for putting him at risk and letting him go for personal records. Hey, Kobe didn't seem to mind so what’s the big deal?

One thing is for sure, the Mavs, who don’t play much defense to begin with, have no idea how to stop Kobe Bryant. He's scored 105 points in the last two games against the Mavs while sitting out a whole quarter. Many teams have had trouble stopping Kobe, he's one of the best players in the league. He may be the best player in the league. If he can carry this Lakers team into the playoffs, it will take an MVP type performance from Kobe. Maybe the Lakers can request to play the Mavs every other night? And for the Mavs to get anyone to seriously consider that they are a threat to win the West, they better learn to play some D.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

the dragons are back to back national champs

Southlake Carroll avenged its only loss as a Class 5A program to claim its third state title in the last four seasons. Carroll defeated Katy, 34-20, in the 5A Division II final Saturday at Texas Stadium. Katy beat Carroll, 16-15, in the 2003 final, a game that most say Carroll let slip away after getting an early lead and then taking Katy lightly. Carroll again got an early lead but this time they went for the jugular. Carroll led by 21 points most of the fourth quarter until a Katy touchdown on the next to last play of the game.

Quarterback Greg McElroy earned MVP honors by completing 21 of 31 passes for 328 yards and four touchdowns. He finished the season with 56 touchdown passes, breaking the 5A record set by Carroll’s Chase Wasson in 2002. Carroll receiver Corbin Smiter had eight catches for 133 yards and two touchdowns, all in the first half. Receiver McKay Jacobson had six catches for 110 yards and a touchdown. Jacobson’s touchdown came after Katy scored 13 consecutive points to trim Carroll’s lead to four early in the third quarter.

It was the second straight Division II state title and mythical national championship for Carroll, which went 16-0 for the third time in four seasons and improved to 63-1 as a 5A school. Katy (14-1) defeated Carroll 16-15 in the 2003 championship game.

Dragons capture state title over Katy at Texas Stadium

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

kobe the mav killer

This wasn't the first time Kobe Bryant has blown up huge against the Mavericks. Nor will it probably be the last. Kobe is arguably the best scorer in the NBA and can create his a shot (though not always the best shot) from anywhere on the floor. Last night he single-handedly took down the Mavs. Interestingly enough, there wasn't much talk of his performance of the Mavs game in general on sports radio this morning. No talk of scoring at will against the Mavs or of his 43 points or of his beat the shot clock 30' 3-pointer. What Kobe displayed last night is exactly what the Mavs are missing and needing to become a championship contender - a go to guy. Well that and a little defense now and then but Avery Johnson is working on that. Defense can be taught, wanting the ball in the clutch cannot. The Mavs have plenty of scorers but no go-to guy. Yeah Dirk can put up points, but he's never proven to be clutch at the end of the game. Kobe's 30' three as the shot clock wound down shouldn't be seen as luck or shocking to anyone. He's been doing that to teams his entire career and when it went up, you know he was thinking 'money'. The Mavs need someone with that mentality if they ever want to win it all. Kobe has it, along with three championship rings to go with.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

soriano for wilkerson... wtf???

Anyone else think the Rangers should have been able to get more for Soriano? He’s statistically in the top 10-15 players in the majors and by far the best second baseman. Sure he can misplay a ball now and then, but his defense has improved and his offense ranks with baseballs best. He's a 5-tool player for crying out loud. Yeah he's eligible for arbitration and it's the last year of his contract, but c'mon... Brad Wilkerson and some spare named Sledge? Jon Daniels has to do better than that... Washington pulled the wool over his eyes on this one.

Rumor is that this was a trade to free up cash and to set up a trade of the surplus the Rangers have in the outfield for some quality starting pitching that the Rangers sorely lack. That begs the question, if Soriano can’t bring you quality pitching, how do you get it with Kevin Mench, Gary Mathews Jr. or Wilkerson? The answer most likely is that you don't. The opinion here is that this is a very reactionary move based on first missing out on landing Josh Beckett and then yesterday getting scooped by the Cubs for Juan Pierre, who would have been a very nice addition both in center field and in the leadoff spot. As shown last year, Wilkerson is not a leadoff hitter so now the Rangers still don’t have a leadoff hitter, they don't have an everyday centerfielder and now they don't have a second baseman either. And seriously, how do you let the Cubs beat you out? Not a good start Jon.

Friday, December 2, 2005

its not mine

So Michael Irvin gets pulled over for speeding and lo and behold he has an outstanding warrant for another speeding ticket. I'm guessing 'oops' is an understatement. So he claims it’s not his, did so from the start saying it was a friends. Unfortunately for Irvin he has a checkered past so whether it his or not, many aren't going to believe him. What's even worse for Michael is the timing as he is once again up for vote for the Hall of Fame. He deserves to be in, should have made it last year. The football HOF is unique as the guidelines specifically state the candidates are to be judged solely from their on the field performance. If that were true though, Irvin would be a lock. Some though will see this as another reason not to vote him in. Add to that Troy Aikman is in his first year of eligibility and sure to be voted in with Rayfield Wright and three Cowboys will seem like too many for the anti-Cowboy HOF voters. He should get in. He deserves to get in. Unfortunately this year he probably won’t.

So now almost a week after the fact ESPN decides to suspend Irvin for one weekend of telecasts for not divulging the incident to ESPN quickly enough. Quite honestly, I don’t see the point in suspending Irvin for a week. What purpose does it really serve? Sounds like a typical CYA. Not sure if he did it but we cant just sit by and do nothing because we look stupid already so lets do something even if it makes us look even dumber. The corporate world at its best! I don’t necessarily think he needs to be suspended at all unless its proven that he lied about the whole thing. And if he had been guilty and said so from the start, I don’t see a need to suspend him then either. It wasn't on the job and if he wasn't Michael Irvin, none of us would have known or cared.