Thursday, December 8, 2005

soriano for wilkerson... wtf???

Anyone else think the Rangers should have been able to get more for Soriano? He’s statistically in the top 10-15 players in the majors and by far the best second baseman. Sure he can misplay a ball now and then, but his defense has improved and his offense ranks with baseballs best. He's a 5-tool player for crying out loud. Yeah he's eligible for arbitration and it's the last year of his contract, but c'mon... Brad Wilkerson and some spare named Sledge? Jon Daniels has to do better than that... Washington pulled the wool over his eyes on this one.

Rumor is that this was a trade to free up cash and to set up a trade of the surplus the Rangers have in the outfield for some quality starting pitching that the Rangers sorely lack. That begs the question, if Soriano can’t bring you quality pitching, how do you get it with Kevin Mench, Gary Mathews Jr. or Wilkerson? The answer most likely is that you don't. The opinion here is that this is a very reactionary move based on first missing out on landing Josh Beckett and then yesterday getting scooped by the Cubs for Juan Pierre, who would have been a very nice addition both in center field and in the leadoff spot. As shown last year, Wilkerson is not a leadoff hitter so now the Rangers still don’t have a leadoff hitter, they don't have an everyday centerfielder and now they don't have a second baseman either. And seriously, how do you let the Cubs beat you out? Not a good start Jon.


Anonymous said...

2005 Stats

Outside of Texas (2nd only to Coors as an offensive environment)
Soriano: .224 BA .265 OBP . 374 SLG

Outide of Washington (2nd only to PETCO as a defensive environment)
WIlkerson: .257 BA .337 OBP and .414 SLG

AND Soriano is terrible defensively. This is going to end up looking very ugly for the Nats.

zac said...

First, your stats are bogus so dont post crap if its BS. Soriano is a .270 hitter away from Ameriquest and overall a .275 hitter on the road for his career. Wilkerson's average actually takes a bigger dip when he plays on the road where his career road average is .246 and his average in all parks but RFK is .259. Last year he hit a whopping 11 HRs, driving in 57 RBIs. Soriano went deep 36 times with 104 RBIs while stealing 30 bases.

If you'd rather have Wilkerson than Soriano, you must be high. IF he stays with the Rangers, Wilkerson bats 7th or 8th and plays left field... great addition there with the 10 other outfielders they have.