Tuesday, December 13, 2005

kobe the mav killer

This wasn't the first time Kobe Bryant has blown up huge against the Mavericks. Nor will it probably be the last. Kobe is arguably the best scorer in the NBA and can create his a shot (though not always the best shot) from anywhere on the floor. Last night he single-handedly took down the Mavs. Interestingly enough, there wasn't much talk of his performance of the Mavs game in general on sports radio this morning. No talk of scoring at will against the Mavs or of his 43 points or of his beat the shot clock 30' 3-pointer. What Kobe displayed last night is exactly what the Mavs are missing and needing to become a championship contender - a go to guy. Well that and a little defense now and then but Avery Johnson is working on that. Defense can be taught, wanting the ball in the clutch cannot. The Mavs have plenty of scorers but no go-to guy. Yeah Dirk can put up points, but he's never proven to be clutch at the end of the game. Kobe's 30' three as the shot clock wound down shouldn't be seen as luck or shocking to anyone. He's been doing that to teams his entire career and when it went up, you know he was thinking 'money'. The Mavs need someone with that mentality if they ever want to win it all. Kobe has it, along with three championship rings to go with.

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