Friday, December 2, 2005

its not mine

So Michael Irvin gets pulled over for speeding and lo and behold he has an outstanding warrant for another speeding ticket. I'm guessing 'oops' is an understatement. So he claims it’s not his, did so from the start saying it was a friends. Unfortunately for Irvin he has a checkered past so whether it his or not, many aren't going to believe him. What's even worse for Michael is the timing as he is once again up for vote for the Hall of Fame. He deserves to be in, should have made it last year. The football HOF is unique as the guidelines specifically state the candidates are to be judged solely from their on the field performance. If that were true though, Irvin would be a lock. Some though will see this as another reason not to vote him in. Add to that Troy Aikman is in his first year of eligibility and sure to be voted in with Rayfield Wright and three Cowboys will seem like too many for the anti-Cowboy HOF voters. He should get in. He deserves to get in. Unfortunately this year he probably won’t.

So now almost a week after the fact ESPN decides to suspend Irvin for one weekend of telecasts for not divulging the incident to ESPN quickly enough. Quite honestly, I don’t see the point in suspending Irvin for a week. What purpose does it really serve? Sounds like a typical CYA. Not sure if he did it but we cant just sit by and do nothing because we look stupid already so lets do something even if it makes us look even dumber. The corporate world at its best! I don’t necessarily think he needs to be suspended at all unless its proven that he lied about the whole thing. And if he had been guilty and said so from the start, I don’t see a need to suspend him then either. It wasn't on the job and if he wasn't Michael Irvin, none of us would have known or cared.

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