Sunday, July 2, 2006

sports randomness

Though the Rangers sucked again last night, Gary Matthew's Jr made, in my opinion, the best catch of the year robbing Mike Lamb of a home run to dead center field. Not only did Gary bring one back, he went up a good 3-4 feet above the wall to get it. An incredible play. If I can find a video clip of it, I'll post it here.

Andy Roddick is over-rated. Billed as the next great American tennis player, he's quickly turning into a one hit wonder. He's a one-trick pony with a booming serve, but the rest of his game is average. Andre Agassi finished his last match at Wimbledon today, site of his first major victory back in 1982. Though he has fewer majors than Sampras, I think Agassi is the best American tennis player of all time. He's one of only five players to achieve the career grand slam and only the second American. Along with his 8 Grand Slam wins he's been the runner-up in 7 more Slam tournaments.

Did Dirk finally grow himself a pair? Dirk said nothing but the obvious - that Cuban’s sometimes ridiculous behavior was bothering the players, undercutting Avery Johnson’s attempt to build a “no excuses” squad and conceivably hurting the club on the floor. These comments aren’t new. But the fact that they came from inside the club and out of the mouth of their superstar is new. Cuban’s been able to shake off criticism from virtually everywhere else. But how does he hide from the fairly pointed remarks of his best player?

Lance Armstrong is retired and now the top contenders for this year's tour are banned on the suspicion of using performance enhancing drugs... is anyone going to watch? Former Armstrong Discovery Channel teammate, American George Hincapie, leads the tour after the prologue and first stage.

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