Friday, July 21, 2006

baseball hometown heroes

Starting on July 18 (last Tuesday), fans have the opportunity to vote for the most outstanding player in the history of each MLB franchise based on specific criteria that makes the winner deserving of being called a hero. Read the rest of the article here.

The official Rangers nominees are:
Rusty Greer
Pudge Rodriguez
Nolan Ryan
Jim Sundberg
Mark Teixeira

My vote easily goes to Pudge, quite possibly the best catcher the game has ever seen.
Where's Kenny Rogers on this list?!? Seriously though, why no A-Rod (yeah everyone hates him but he's won 2 MVPs). Sundberg should be replaced by Buddy Bell and Michael Young should be in the top 5 instead of Tex at this point. If I had to stack rank the 5 Rangers though, it would be Pudge, Ryan, Tex (he would be above Ryan if he had more than 3.5 yrs), Greer and Sundberg.

Cast your vote here.

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