Thursday, July 6, 2006

random thoughts

so it was a slow sports day...

The Rangers are 2 games back in the West, no thanks to the Angels.

Tom Boonen is still wearing the maillot jaune in the tour de france, though as everyone knows, the tour doesn't really start until they reach the mountains next week.

I don't really like anyone left playing at Wimbledon. I was rooting for both Clijsters (she has so much talent but always seems to underachieve) and Sharapova (lets face it, she freakin hot) today and both lost. I'm so tired of Federerererer winning; someone, anyone, please knock him off his pedastool. Too bad this guy below is gone.

Randomness of the non-sports variety...

good to be blonde?

Here's a pretty cool web site...

Spidey 3 is coming out in May 2007, watch the trailer here.

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