Monday, October 17, 2005

weekend roundup

USC/ND – What can you say, probably one of the best college football games in my generation, maybe ever. Too bad I had to miss the 4th quarter and had to see it in just highlights. :/

So what will the BcS come out with today? When speaking of the insane college football championship game process, its best to just call it the BS system, as it is more apt to apply. USC obviously deserves to be #1 and should stay there unless beaten. As for who’s next, well pick a team from Texas, Virginia Tech, Georgia and Alabama, though personally I feel that the Hokies and the Shorthorns probably should be given the most consideration for that second spot. But how do you separate them if they both finish undefeated? Well in the BS world, you don’t. Its called a playoff, something every other major college sport has except Division I-A football. As always, the reasons for not having one revolve solely around money, college football pays the bills.

Ok, it’s out now… and Texas Tech is #7… wow! There’s an endorsement for scheduling all cream puffs for pre-conference if I’ve ever seen one. It makes me laugh to even think that some poll believes Tech is the 7th best team in the country, let alone, the 'great' BcS. With whom they've played, Tech shouldn’t be even sniffing a BCS bowl.

More to come… some pro action.

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