Sunday, October 30, 2005

weekend musings

Ever get that feeling that you should post something but you're not quite sure what? Well thats me right now. So here are some random thoughts from the weekend...

*USC is unargueably the best team in the country until someone beats them.

*Georgia misses DJ Shockley... a lot.

*How many times can UCLA come back?

*LSU should be undefeated.

*How do the Redskins score 52 points one week and none the next?

*And if the answer is that the 49ers suck so bad, how did they beat Tampa Bay? Because Chris Simms is just that much worse than Brian Griese.

*Its time for Brett Favre to retire.

*Houston finally won a game, and it may be their only win all year.

*The Cowboys could easily be 8-0.

*The NFC North is the worst division in NFL history.

*It doesn't appear to matter where the Saints play when they're that bad.

*Tedy Bruschi is an amazing athlete.

Talk about your classic break up letters... this is a great read.

National #1 Prep team, the Carroll Dragons beat Grapevine Friday to move to 9-0.

Riley Dodge of Carroll

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