Wednesday, October 19, 2005

some minor rants

Lots of grumbling about the SI reporter, Michael Bamberger, who turned in Michelle Wie’s infraction last weekend. You do the crime, you do the time as they say. Whether it was intentional or not isn’t a factor. Some say Bamberger should have said something sooner, as in that day. Yeah, maybe so. There could be numerous reasons why he didn’t though. Maybe he wasn’t really sure there was a violation, just a possibility at first so he wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe he had a deadline to meet? Maybe he just plain forgot for a bit? In any case, even if he brings it up later that same day, if Wie has signed her card already, she’s DQ’d. You live and learn. She should have called a rules official over and then this is all moot. In any case, blaming Bamberger for Wie’s mistake is wrong. Is it the radar gun’s fault when an officer is writing you that speeding ticket?

How does an intelligent person come to the conclusion that David Stern’s dress code policy is a racial thing? Its not like he’s only enforcing it only on the non-white athletes. Granted there are more minorities in the No Bling Allowed League than whites, but neither the policy nor the league is discriminating in any way. I don’t understand why such trivial things cause people to play the race card. Some of the players are saying they should get stipends to pay for the required clothes. Are you serious? You make millions in a year and you can’t afford a $50 pair of pants and a shirt without gang signs? Give me a couple grand and I’ll take care of it for ya.

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Zam said...

Dude, don't even get me started on that. I applaud David Stern for the dress code policy.

As for Michelle Wie...I saw the story on SportsCenter the next morning and thought the same thing - she should have called a rules official over. Lesson learned, I suppose/hope.

Go 'Stros!