Wednesday, October 26, 2005

over and out

What can you say? How many unlikely heroes can one team have? First Pods and now former Astro Geoff Blum? Aside from Roof-gate which didn’t seem to impact the game at all, the Astros even got the close calls to go their way this time, like Jason Lane’s should be double that was called a HR in the fourth. Even with the roof open, the crowd sounded as loud as ever until the White Sox took the lead in the 5th. It was loud, very loud early when the Astros were leading and very quiet when they got behind. Every pan into the stands from the 9th inning on was of Astro fans quietly praying that they didn't lose, not cheering for a win. And just when it looked like Ezequiel Astacio had gotten out of a potential jam with Ensberg snagging Konerko’s screamer down the 3rd base line and turning two, up steps light hitting Geoff Blum. Astacio actually looked like he made a pretty decent pitch, very low and in, and it took quite a swing for Blum just to get the ball elevated enough to clear the right field fence, but clear it he did. And so went the hopes of all Astros fans. I was hoping Houston could at least win last night to make the series interesting. Its now over after tonight, probably in blow-out fashion, you heard it here first... and even with all the fuss made during the day, the roof had nothing to do with it.

Of significant note, Phil Garner's demeanor during the whole game looked as if he was uncomfortable and unsure if his team could win that game. He didn't seem confident about anything, whereas Ozzie Guillen seemed to have faith in his team throughout. And then after the game, he rips his team for its lack of hitting. Umm, Phil, newsflash here, you're team hasn't hit all year!

What would the day after be without a little more second-guessing from our friends at ESPN Page 2? My biggest question to Phil Garner is, how many batters and how many runs do you give up in a ‘must win’ game before taking a non-sharp Oswalt out of the game, even if it is the 5th inning.

Some interesting facts from Game 3...
-Geoff Blum was traded from the Astros for Game 4 starter Brandon Backe.
-Both teams stranded 15 runners on base.
-Houston had only 1 hit after the 4th inning.
-The Astros had 10 base runners from the 8th inning thru the 14th and only scored 1 run.

Blum's HR

It seems that Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry has just figured out something the rest of the world has known for quite some time now. While expressing frustration Tuesday with the Falcons' dismal performance, DeBerry attributed the latest loss in part to TCU's having more black players who "can run very, very well.” “It just seems to be that way, that Afro-American kids can run very, very well. That doesn't mean that Caucasian kids and other descents can't run, but it's very obvious to me they run extremely well," said DeBerry. Not that anyone can really argue that point, but in this overly politically correct world, comments like that, as true as they may be, will get you in trouble.

Could the BcS be any more of a sham than it already is? Dropping USC from the top spot proves its unworthiness and lack of credibility as Kevin Blackistone points out.

A small footnote in the headlines today, Sheryl Swoops has ‘freed herself’ by coming out of the closet, meaning she’s a lesbo, greeeeat.

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