Monday, October 24, 2005

some monday musings...

* Does anybody else find it annoying that Seahawks kicker Josh Brown can nail field goals of 55 and 50 yards (the latter being a game-winner as time expired, no less) but that Jose Cortez missed a 29-yarder for the Cowboys?

* Who didn't predict that Cortez would be cut today?

* You can't blame Dallas’ defense for this loss, they played a great game.

* Cows quarterback Vince Young is good. He's just not as good as the other Heisman Trophy candidates – USC’s Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.

* Is it just me or does Texas’ band look like greeters at Sizzler?

* Texas Tech was indeed a very over-rated football team.

* What did the White Sox do with reliever Bobby Jenks? That sure didn't look like the same guy on the mound as in Game 1.

* What was Lou Rawls’ singing during his 'rendition' of The Star-Spangled Banner before Game 2 of the World Series, haven't heard it that bad since Rosanne.


Zam said...

"I'm talkin' 'bout the home of the brave..."

WTF was that?!?

Hey, what do you think about The Commish sending down an order that the roof be open at MMP tonight?

I think it's crap.

zac said...

Yeah, Lou seemed to add quite a few new words to the National Anthem... if you're gonna sing it, sing it right!

So yeah, the roof has become quite an issue and I'm thinking unless clouds magically appear, its going to be open tonight.... I have three thoughts on the subject. 1) It's getting way over-blown IMHO. I dont know why MLB has the authority here and why they feel the need to mandate that its open (its Houston's roof, let them do as they please), however, I'm not sure why the Astros are making as big a deal out of it as they are because... 2) I dont think the roof, open or closed, will have any impact on the outcome of the game unless it now becomes a mental thing for the 'Stros. 3) Personally, watching a game, either on tv or in person, I prefer it to be an outdoor atmosphere rather than indoor, but thats just me.