Sunday, October 9, 2005

christmas comes early for tech

Bonehead play of the week goes to: Le Kevin Smith of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Smith, the Huskers nose tackle, intercepted a tipped Cody Hodges pass inside the 10 yd line with 1:11 left in the game and Nebraska up 31-27 over Texas Tech. Instead of just going down, guaranteeing the win, Smith decided to run with the ball, immediately fumbling as soon as he was hit. Tech then recovered the fumble and converted a subsequent 4th and 2 for the game winning TD. Congrats Smith, on quite possibly the stupidest play of the year and earning the Huskers not only their first loss of the year but also their first homecoming loss since 1968!

On a separate note, Texas Tech has to be one of the most over-rated ranked teams in the nation. 13th best in the country? No way, not even close! Until the game in Lincoln, which they should have lost, Tech had yet to play a quality opponent. It wont be long before the real Tech is made apparent.


Anonymous said...

Tech has too many penilties....less flags....Tech is pretty damn good team

zac said...

more like Tech is a very lucky team with a ranking that far overstates its talent level and an early schedule against teams that some local high schools could beat.

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