Monday, October 24, 2005

is the rocket grounded

Phil Garner isn't sure if Roger Clemens will be available for Game 5, assuming of course, there is a Game 5. Here's an interesting read from Keith Olbermann. Not sure if he's insinuating that the Rocket isn't really that hurt or that he's not the stud post-season pitcher he's made out to be... maybe both.

And some more fun second guessing from David Schoenfield and Rob Neyer on ESPN Page2.

Apparantly the roof is now part of the home field advanatage. MLB wants it open but the Astros prefer it closed.

1 comment:

Zam said...

Ha! I just commented on the roof thing on your next post.

I reiterate my stance: IT'S CRAP!

For MLB to come down and issue an edict that our roof should be open...give me a break.

Fine, it just means that our fans will have to be that much louder.