Tuesday, October 18, 2005

feast or famine

They've had a day to think about it. A day for it to soak in. And also a day to be asked repeatedly by the media all about the 9th inning collapse. Do Brad Lidge and the Astros bounce back and buck history, which tells us devistating losses tend to linger, or do they cave and watch the Cards win two at home just like last year? Oswalt is the better pitcher in his matchup with Mulder though both pitched well in game 2. The question will be have the Cards bats woken up. I think Houston needs to score first and early to avoid a hangover from Monday. If the Cards get the lead, look for a game 7 with the pressure shifting squarely on Houston.

yep Brad, its gone

wishing he'd pitched to Edmonds?


Zam said...

Just had to put that picture up there, didn't ya...

Hey, I hope you saved that congratulatory post from Monday night.

Go 'Stros!

zac said...

I'm pretty sure I can retype it word for word... hopefully I'll get the chance!