Monday, June 20, 2005

time to buy a replacement

Ricardo Rodriguez has done spectacularly well in filling the void left by the Ryan Drese fiasco going 2-0. CJ Wilson however, did not fare as well in taking Astacio's spot on Sunday. Wilson gave up a quick 2 runs in the first and had to be yanked in the 4th as another run scored and they were threatening for more. Consistently behind in the count, the Nationals ate Wilson up and had scoring opportunities in each of his four innings. He'll probably get another start (who else do they have?), but if there's not significant improvement, it'll be back to Ok City. The loss though can't be blamed totally on CJ. Part of the blame goes to the offense for leaving 13 runners on base, several in scoring position. The lone Ranger runs came off two solo home runs and through 7 innings, the Rangers were still in it, down only 3-1. The problem the Rangers have in close games is they can't manufacture runs. They just aren't capable. Can't steal, don't hit and run and sacrifice is a dirty word. Its the big bang theory with the Rangers, feast or famine. Sunday they starved.

The Rangers start a 3 game series with the AL west leading Angels tonight at The Ballpark. A sweep would be nice but 2 of 3 would suffice. They've already spotted the Angels 2 in the top of the first on a Vlad homer. Note to Orel Hershiser, pitch around Vlad when you can and DONT, under any circumstances, let anyone on the staff throw him a first pitch strike. I'm sure its not an official stat, but Guerrero swings at the first pitch about 95% of the time. Chris Young better have the good stuff tonight.

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