Monday, June 20, 2005

campbell gets tigger by the tail

Something I failed to mention in my previous post on the Open is that even though I tend to always root for the Americans over any foreign golfer, there is one exception. I'm not a fan of Tiger Woods. Never have been. I admit, he has incredible natural ability and desire to win, but the brashness and cockiness of his early years on tour completely turned me off. He's learned and is much more humble now, but when you tell everyone you beat them and you didnt even have close to your "A" game, you're going to piss some people off. So watching just about everyone implode on Pinehurst No.2, bringing Tigger back into contention on Sunday, made me cringe. As much as I didnt want Goosen to win another Open, I sure didn't want Tigger to win it. So while Goosen laid his egg and Jason Gore showed why he's #818 in the world, there was Michael Campbell coming to the fore front and going mono e mono with Tigger... and Campbell never blinked. He matched Tigger birdie for birdie on the back nine and when Tigger 3-putted 17, Campbell was dropping a birdie in at 16 to put it out of reach. Nice job Michael and congrats!

Some interesting stats: the last 6 Open champs had come from Sunday's final pairing, who this year were a combined 25 over par over the last 18... no joke. Jack Nicklaus finished in the top 5 at the major championships 54 times, the most by any player... Tigger would have to finish in the top 5 in every major through 2018 to match him. Jack also leads in 2nd place finishes at 26, and of course wins with 18. No reason to debate any time soon who the best golfer ever is.

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