Monday, June 6, 2005

a non-sports post

I saw Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith this weekend. Forgive the pun, but its light sabers ahead of the last one mostly due to the improved acting by Hayden Christensen who was almost painful to watch in Attack of the Clones. Jar-Jar Binks reappears again in a cameo role in this one but doesnt really say anything. Though he annoyed most, I thought he was kinda funny in the first one but whatever. I think its one of the best by Lucas as he ties up the loose ends that lead to the original movie.

Aight back to important things... the Rangers are back in first place in the AL west, carrying a modest 2-game win streak into Phily on Tuesday.

And Annika Sorenstam won again this weekend. Taking a two shot leading into the final hole, she eagled the last to win by 4. I dare anyone to name a better golfer right now, male or female. If only she looked like Natalie Gulbis or Christi Kerr. :)


Tom said...

A friend with connections tells me the movie script has snippets of quotes from 5 Bush speeches and two from Tony Blair.

Some of the citiscapes in SW3 seem to evoke Iraq. Some buildings appear to be reminiscent of government buildings in Baghdad or Saddam's palaces. There's the scene with smoke rising skyward from the Jedi headquarters. Maybe other people have noticed it as well?

PDawg said...


Sorry about that "win streak." Although, your guys have made us Phils fans happy. :)

gigem said...

yeah the rangers are streaking the wrong way now... :/