Sunday, June 19, 2005

americans falter at pinehurst

Lefty choked on the easy par 5, Toms choked on the last 2 holes Friday, Els is making nothing look "easy", Vijay couldnt putt out at miniture golf and Tigger (yeah I know there's only one 'g') found more edges than a student driver finds curbs. That leaves Reteif Goosen and a handful of unknowns left to contend going into Sunday. I'm not a big Goosen fan, mostly because I dont want a foreigner winning the US Open, let him win overseas, but also because he shows no personality, no flair. He plays as if its a job. C'mon Goose, you're playing golf for a living and oh by the way, they pay you handsomely to do so, get excited now and then when you make a great putt. Geez did Olin Browne look as nervous today as the school nerd on a date with the head cheerleader, he never seemed comfortable paired with Goosen. He still has a chance though at even par along with Jason Gore. Who? The unheard of Gore is ranked 818th in the world and will play Sunday of the US Open in the last pairing... with the defending champ. But hey, no pressure. Unfortunately, Goosen will need a Greg Norman like choke to lose this one.

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