Tuesday, June 21, 2005

nba finals finally entertaining

After 4 boring blowouts in the NBA Finals, finally games 5 and 6 were worth watching. Arguably, the Pistons should have won the Championship tonight. They gave game 5 away in Detroit. Up with 11 seconds left in OT, the one thing you HAVE to guard against is the 3, and to let Big Shot Rob take it virtually uncontested constitutes giving the game away in my book. You dont give up a three and you dont forget to guard the guy throwing the ball in, two very fundamental rules. Its like making the first out at 3rd in baseball or walking the leadoff hitter with a one run lead, do it and you're just asking for trouble. Give props to the Pistons though. After throwing away a potential 3-2 lead in the series and facing having to sweep the Spurs in San Antonio, the Pistons took it to Duncan and company and pushed this to a winner take all game 7. The Spurs just havent look the part of Champion after they won the first two games at home. My money's on the Pistons to take game 7 and win it back to back as significant underdogs both times.


Zam said...

Sorry about your money...

And, hey, how 'bout those 'Stros?


The Blog Patrol said...

Hmm... I bet on the Spurs only because they are in Texas. I am a Mavs fan, but also because they are in Texas.

I support Texas teams, and Texas teams only.

We need feedback now on game 7.