Thursday, June 9, 2005


So I'm watching the NBA Finals and this has to be the least entertaining matchup that we could have...San Antonio/Detroit, ugh! How bout Miami/Phoenix, people might have actually watched that series. Good grief, its 55-51, AT THE END OF THE 3Q!!! You've got to be kiddin me. ABC is surely hating this matchup, no big market team, no team that knows what offense is. Watching a whole football game of quaterback sneaks would be more entertaining. First to 80 wins? Do they really play great defense or is it that the offense is just offensive? Personally I think Tim Duncan and his whole Spurs team is over-rated. In any case, I'm channel surfing now, I only need to watch the last 2 minutes anyway. Who's on Letterman?.. Katie Holmes, that should be interesting, maybe she can teach us all the Scientology she's learning so she can be Tom's trophey.

Phil Jackson will be back in LA next year, look for he and Kobe to put asside their differences and win a title without the aging injury prone Shaq.

Here's an interesting parady on the Star Wars III script. If you havent seen the movie already, this will spoil some things, but if you havent seen it by now do you really care?

Danika Patrick races at TMS this weekend, no doubt she'll have the biggest following all weekend.

The Rangers have fallen a game out of 1st due to less than stellar starting pitching the last several games... Has Jim Hart given Clemens a call yet??

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eddo said...

Hilarious movie script! I have to disagree about Phil, he cant stand Kobe Bryant.