Friday, June 3, 2005

is there a rocket in rangers future?

Lots of banter out there regarding Roger Clemens being traded to the Rangers. I'm sure this will piss many people off, but I've never really liked the Rocket. Part of it I'm sure is due to the fact he went to that cow school in Austin, though that was way before I cared about such things. Much of it also has to do with my hatred of the Yankees, so wearing pin stripes and having been to cow U is a double whammy. When I think of Clemens though, the image of him throwing the bat at Piazza always comes to mind. Not only could he not explain why he did it (umm, I thought it was the ball???? - yeah right) he didnt even get penalized for it. Seems like the league has always had a pro-Clemens bias. But depending on how much the Rangers would have to give up in exchange, acquiring Clemens is definitely an intriguing idea, one that I'd be for in spite of his history. But as we know, this wouldn't be the first time Tom Hicks has tried to land the Rocket.

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Jim said...

You would think that the memory of A-Rod as a Ranger should linger longer. The Rangers are a better team without these superstars that everyone drools over. If he goes to Texas the media (no offense) frenzy in the Metroplex will be such a distraction that the chemistry will be disrupted.... He stiffed the Rangers for Broadway lights once before and he ought to be allowed to wallow in that miserable Houston humidity for the remainder of his final hurrah.... They can make it to the World Series without him.

Zam said...

This city (Houston) loves its Rocket. Before my 'Stros signed him, there was a lot of chatter around Houston, as well. And, I too, immediately thought of the bat-throwing incident and all of the negative press that had surrounded him throughout his career. Plus, there was the whole Yankee factor (I am anti-Yankee).

But, when the man got here and began the season 12-0, this city fell in love with him, myself included. He's an amazing pitcher, who, in a season and a half, has remained without incident of misconduct. On the contrary, he does alot of good around town - charity events and such.

Also, I'm sure you've noticed that the Astros are having a somewhat lackluster season...all right, fine, I will concede that we both suck and blow this season (but I'm not giving up on my boys just yet!). Clemens has been the consumate professional after suffering 1-0 loss after 1-0 loss after 1-0 loss for games in which he has pitched 7 innings of shut-out baseball.

I would hate to see Roger go, but I also hate to see his talent wasted with so few seasons left in his career. I think it was Brad Ausmus that summed it up best after one of the many 1-0 losses in which the Rocket gave us 7 beautiful innings, saying, "We don't deserve to play with him."

Hey, at least if he went to the Rangers, he'd still be in Texas.

Go 'Stros.

zac said...

I must admit that you quite possibly have more baseball knowledge than any girl I know and probably many of the guys as well... glad to see you're anit-yankee as well or I might have had to ban you from my blog... thus eliminating virtually half the traffic to my much demanded site!