Tuesday, May 2, 2006

whats in the nhl western conf water

The Red Wings have followed the Stars in exiting stage right in the playoffs. The Red Army, the President's tophey winners have been ousted by the lowly Oilers who hadn't won a playoff series in 8 years! Detroit pulled off a bigger choke than the Stars by twice giving up 2 goal leads in the 3rd period to lose games in Edmonton and gave up 4 goals in the 3rd tonite to choke away the series clincher. It's only the 3rd time ever that the President's Trophey winner has lost in the first round. Time to say goodbye to Stevie Y.

The 1, 2 and 4 seeds have now been eliminated in the western conference and the 3 seeded Flames are now in a must win Game 7 situation against the Mighty Ducks. By Wednesday night, its quite possible only the bottom 4 seeds will remain from the western conference.

The Mavs wrapped up their series in 4 as predicted and the Griz still have never won a playoff game.

The Clippers won a playoff series for the first time since moving to LA. The last time the Clippers had advanced was when they played in Buffalo back in 1976 where they beat Phily in the opening round only to lose to the Celtics in the next round.

If the Lakers can beat the Suns one more time (in 3 chances) they will set up an all LA series vs the Clippers. The edge there would go to the Zen Master.

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