Monday, May 22, 2006

mavs in seven part ii

Only one team in the last 27 years had won a game 7 on the road, now there have been two teams as the Mavs fulfilled my prediction, though not as convincingly as I had thought. I'd like to see the Suns beat the Clippers to set up a rematch with Phoenix in the Conference finals, mostly because I'd like the Mavs to beat Nash and partially because I just don't think the Clippers are deserving of making the conf. finals, they're just not that good. The Clippers are a team that purposely lost games down the stretch to avoid having to play the Mavs in the first round and instead they're losing was rewarded with home court in their series against Denver.

Against Phoenix, I'd expect the Mavs to revert back to their old form of offense first and defense as an afterthought as they'll try and match the Suns pace. I think the Mavs beat the Suns in 5 or 6 games. It will then be interesting to see who's tempo wins out in a potential finals matchup with the Pistons. Hopefully by then Avery will remind them how to play defense cuz defense wins championships.

Dirk doing his best MJ impression

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