Saturday, May 20, 2006

a bad day for sports

• It was very disappointing to see Barbaro break down on the front stretch of the Preakness. What a great horse that could have easily won the triple crown if he had the chance. There hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner now for 28 years, the longest gap between winners ever. Hopefully surgery on Sunday will save him.

Barbaro held by jockey Edgar Prado after injuring his leg at the start of the 131st Preakness Stakes

• Home teams have won 82% of all game 7's in the NBA playoffs... not a good omen for the Mavs, especially if they don’t speed up the tempo of the game and play the style of ball that won them games 2-4.

• Jason Terry's suspension was bogus and the NBA should have only fined him. With both Ginobli and Finley jumping on top of him, its not surprising that he wanted to get them off of him, though at the same time, Terry should know better and in a critical situation like that needs to be able to control his emotions.

• I still hate Barry Bonds. I have no respect for someone who has to cheat to win.

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