Sunday, May 28, 2006

rangers, hornish win; f- barry

Who are John Rheinecker and Rick Bauer and how did they combine to throw a 4-hit shutout for the Rangers? Playing a slumping and underachieving Seattle club helped some but you have to wonder if Buck is doing this with smoke and mirrors.

What a beating it has been to watch any of the Eastern Conference basketball playoff games. The Miami/Detroit game tonight was a complete snooze-fest. Two teams that dont shoot the ball well at all, cant even hit free throws, so they decide to just play defense, since that's all they've got... majorly boring.

What a great finish to the Indianapolis 500! There's no doubt that open-wheel racing has fallen way behind Nascar in popularity, and for good reason, but the Indy 500 was the best race this Memorial Day. Congrats to Sam Hornish, what an incredible finish. Outside of Mario's lone win back in '69, the Andrettis seem to be snake bit at Indy. Danica Patrick finished 8th, not bad, but she really hasn't lived up to all the hype she gets.

The French Open started play on Sunday, but without any real American threat to win (Agassi isn't playing), is anyone watching?

715 was hit by mr roids and I couldn't care less! On a brighter note, Pujols hit his 25th today!

Hornish wins the second closest Indy 500 ever

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