Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the mavs suck...

...well for at least tonight they sucked. It wasn't the return of Raja Bell that doomed the Mavs. It was the same symptoms that cost the Mavs the win in Game 1... poor shot selection (specifically by Dirk and Stackhouse) and incredibly bad transition defense. A 3-1 series lead would have virtually put the Mavs in the finals, but now there's a good bit of work left to do. It's a new series, tied 2-2, with the Mavs owning 2 of the last 3 games at home. Game 5 just became very close to a must win for the Mavs.

The Rangers have a 5 game lead in the West over the A's and Angels... unfreakin believable! It's the biggest lead a Rangers team has had at the end of May since 1999, the year the Yankees toasted them in the playoffs. I still say its smoke and mirrors. Let's see how things look in late July.

mavs in 6

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