Tuesday, May 9, 2006

avery johnson = dave tippett?

Don't look now, but Avery Johnson is pulling a Dave Tippett. He's moving Jet over to the two-guard and starting Devon Harris at the point. That's quite a big change to a starting lineup for a team in the second round of the playoffs. He seems to be over-reacting to the Game 1 loss, similar to what Tippett did after the Stars had lost Game 1 to the Avs. Tippett's move to change up his lines back-fired big time on him as the Stars gave up 3 first period goals while the new lines tried to adjust to playing with each other. Lets hope Avery's move doesn't have the same outcome. What the Mavs need are people to step up and score, like Dirk, Jason Terry and Josh Howard. Does inserting Harris at the point help them knock down more shots? I guess we'll soon see.

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