Sunday, April 30, 2006

tough way to go out

So for a third time the Stars outplayed the Avs only to lose in overtime. Three loses in OT and three loses at home wont get it done in the playoffs. They again out shot the Avs in a huge way, 52-30. When you put 50+ shots on goal, you need to get more than 2 through to the net. Theodore gave up fat rebounds all game but the Stars didn't have anyone out front to bang them home.

Similar to Games 2 and 3, Turco allowed one soft goal, when he left a small opening between his pad and the post when the Stars had momentum and a 1-0 lead in the second period. Jim Dowd found the hole from the side on a rebound.

With the Stars having some momentum in the latter half of the 3rd, Modano took a brutal shoulder-to-jaw hit from Colorado defenseman Brett Clark that should have drawn a penalty. Modano was out cold and had to be helped off the ice, looking for sure that he was done for at least today. The Stars were a team that looked loss on two power plays it was awarded late in the 3rd while Modano was in the locker room gathering his senses while trying to remember what day it was.

Without Modano the Stars had no go to guy, no one to create with the puck. Tippett tried to turn to Jason Arnott, but Arnott, who despite having produced a career year, had just one game-winning goal to show for 90 previous career playoff games. Arnott, a key unrestricted free agent, failed to score in the playoffs.

Modano miraculously came back to play in the overtime and despite an 11-4 SOG edge, the Stars still couldn't find the net. That seemed to be the theme of this years playoffs for the Stars. So there will be no magic comeback in the series, no Stars in 7. A series they should have won in 5 games they instead lost and now Doug Armstrong needs to figure out who from this team should stay and who should go. A task made tougher by the 53-win season, Turco's 40 wins, Guerin's season long MIA (though he played very well in the playoffs) and Arnott's career year then playoff disappearing act.

Stars in 7, next year.


The Rangers lead the West after one month and have 5 blown saves.

Though its not official yet, explain to me how Steve Nash is the NBA's MVP? Over Kobe, Dirk and LeBron? Get real.

First there was the monster dunk over Nash in Game 3 and then the winning buzzer beater in OT in Game 5 to put his Lakers up 3-1 over Nash's Suns. I think that's Kobe's way of saying "I got your MVP right here."

So the Texans decide to pass on hometown favorite Vince Young and Heisman winner/superstar Reggie Bush for a defensive end... that will really help the ticket sales.

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