Tuesday, April 4, 2006

random musings...

I attended both the Rangers and Stars games yesterday starting with some tailgating at the Ballpark at around 10am, ending with a late PP goal by Joe Thorton lifting the Sharks to an OT win with 20 seconds left ending the chances of a possible shoot out. What a buzz-kill that was, but it was still a great day of sports capped with watching the end of the NCAA Championship game.

I dont want to over-react with just two games played for the Texas Rangers but isn't this the same type of team they had last year? They lose 7-3 yesterday, only generating offense on two long balls and then win 10-4 today, again getting the bulk of the offense from the long ball. How long before they feel the affect of losing Soriano's 35-40 HRs? The pitching again appears to be Jekel and Hyde. That rotation would look imensly better with Kenny Rogers in the #2 spot.

The Rangers pulled out all the stops for Roger Clemens yesterday, even going so far as to have Mack Brown throw out the first pitch with Daryl Royal along with him. Geez Tom, could you be a bigger orange koolaid homer? Besides it's not going to be enough to bring Clemens to Arlington. If he ends up playing, it will be in Houston again.

Jesse Jackson, just shut up already! Said Jackson regarding the syringe incident Monday in San Diego, "That fan should have been arrested. That object could have had a needle in it. It could have hit him. The commissioner of baseball must be outspoken in protecting any players whose lives are in jeopardy, whose security is at risk." Ok, there was no needle, it was actually some type of toy and not even real. Shut up Jesse and go back to what you do best, having illegitamate kids.

Barry Bonds deserves every bit of ridicule and criticism he gets this year. He should leave the game now and stop tarnishing the record books.

If two women's teams play a basketball title game in Boston and no one cares to watch, does it still count?

This came out a couple months ago, but with April 15th coming up, it just cracks me up.

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