Wednesday, April 19, 2006

stop the dirk insanity

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I'm REALLY freakin tired of all the local media homers proclaiming that Dirk is the NBA's MVP. Pleeeeeeeease get real! The MVP is for the best player in the league, not who someone arbitrarily thinks is the most valuable to their team, how can you really even determine that. The award is for the most valuable player of the LEAGUE, and this year that player is Kobe Bryant. Dirk could never carry the Mavs the way Kobe has carried the Lakers into the playoffs. This year, picking anyone ahead of Kobe Bryant as the NBA's most valuable player is insane. Dirk's a great player on a great team, but also one that Kobe outscored by himself until taking the fourth quarter off! Kobe's beaten Dirk 2 out of 3 times this year, not that it really matters. The important factors are that Kobe's the first player to average 35+ points/game since Jordan did it 19 years ago, not to mention the 81 he put up in a game back in January.

With the #1 seed on the line at Golden State a week ago, did Dirk carry his team to victory? Nope.. he scored a whopping 2 pts over his average... on a night when the Mavs needed someone to step up, to be a team leader and it didn't happen. Dirk doesn't play D and cant carry the team on his own, two things Kobe does night in and night out. What has Kobe done with the Lakers playoff birth on the line? Led the team to four straight wins while averaging 40+ points per game.

Up next is LeBron, because supposedly his overall numbers are better? What? An assist and two boards more but 5 less points? Lets get real, only 5 teams in the East even have a above .500 record! What a pathetic bunch the East is after Detroit and Miami. Put the Lakers in the East and they're the 3rd best team in the conference. Put the Cavs in the West however (against which they are merely .500) and they are fighting Sactown for the last playoff spot. LeBron hasn't carried the Cavs, the weak East has, where 3 of the playoff teams dont have a winning record.

Anyone who doesn’t vote Kobe as MVP isn’t voting for the best player but instead voting for a more likeable player. You may not like him, but Kobe's carried a team that everyone said had no chance of making the playoffs to a 45 win season and the #7 seed and deserves more respect as the best player in the league. Enough with the homer calls here in Dallas, Dirk's good, but he's not the best. Two words - Eighty One.

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mutoni said...

you speak the truth. you have seen the light.