Monday, February 27, 2006

not so spectacular winter games

So the Winter Olympics are over and did anyone watch any of it? It’s hard to want to watch the events when everyone already knows the outcome. There was no real star of these Olympics for the US. Bode Miller drank more than he skied, Lindsey Kildow crashed, the hockey team was brutal and Sasha Cohen couldn't finish the deal. Shaun White, the Flying Tomato, along with Hannah Teter are probably the best known names to come from the games and both were gold medal winners in the snowboarding halfpipe. The snowboarders won 1/3 of the US gold medals and should have had one more had Lindsey Jacobellis not decided to showboat just a little too soon and fallen on her butt for silver instead of gold. How bout that Gretchen Bleiler... probably the hottie of the US olympic team followed closely by her snowboard teammates Teter and Jacobellis. So does the US just suck in Alpine skiing? Two medals in 10 events is a pretty poor showing, even if both medals were golds. Hated to see Finland (aka Dallas Stars Euro) lost to Sweden. The Fins were the best team all olympics but just didn't produce in the gold medal game on Sunday.

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