Saturday, July 2, 2005

lance a lot

The Tour de France began today with Lance Armstrong picking up where he left off last year. Lance finished the first stage of the tour, an 11.8 mile time trial, in second place, a miniscule 2 seconds behind fellow American David Zabriskie who had the benifit of a strong wind at his back, going out early in the morning. Starting last and a minute behind (each of the riders start a minute apart) one of his major rivals, Jan Ullrich, Lance caught Jan and shot passed him about 8 miles into the course. This even after his right foot slipped off the pedal just a few yards into the race, setting him back a few seconds. Lance surely could have won the stage had he wanted to though he appeared to let up some after blowing by Ullrich. Armstrong is now more than a minute ahead and in some cases 2-3 minutes ahead of his major competition after just the first stage. He's not ready to ride off into retirement just yet... one more yellow jersey please.

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