Sunday, July 24, 2005

the fat lady has done sung

I predicted even before the all-star break that the Rangers wouldn't be making the playoffs and its pretty apparent now. At the end of today, still not yet to the trade deadline, the Rangers will be either 10 or 11 games behind the Angels in the West and although they're only 4 games out in the wild card race, they are now a game below .500 and fading fast. The starting pitching is gone, Kenny is about to serve his suspension and the hitting isnt pulling its weight. Buck and John Hart had their chance to upgrade the pitching, in the off-season, in spring training and during the first 4 months of the season. The division was there for the taking but the Rangers did nothing. This team is now at best a .500 ball club and nothing more. The holes are plenty and too many to try to fix now. They've made their bed, now they must lie in it.

Thank goodness football is about to start, training camp in Oxnard begins this week. And hockey is back! Go stars!

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