Saturday, July 9, 2005

Kenny, Michelle and Lance

Kenny Rogers took the mound tonight in his first home start since his cameraman hating spree. Rogers received loud cheers when he was announced during pregame and again when he took the mound for the first pitch. Rogers earned his 10th win, settling down nicely after giving up 3 early runs in the top of the first. Rogers went 7 strong innings, handing a 12-3 lead over to the bullpen for the last two innings. One would think that would be a pretty safe lead but not when we're talking about the Rangers bullpen... no lead is safe with them. In the ninth, after giving up 6 runs, Buck had to finally bring in Cordero to close the game out, earning a save in the process.

So Kenny publically apologized this week for his camera rampage the week before. Afterward, many people doubt the sincerity of his apology though before he did the same people wondered why he hadn't shown any remorse. It was damned if you do, damned if you dont. Kenny made an error in judgement, a big error albiet, but no one is unfallable. He recognizes the magnitude of his actions, he apologized for them, time to move on. MLB has suspended Rogers for 20 games as punishment, so why does Larry Rodriguez (the main cameraman Rogers went after) think he's entitled somehow to received money from the incident in which he was obviously NOT hurt. Another example of "opportunistic" america, trying to sue for something that you dont deserve. He'll probably end up getting a settlement, but I'd love to be on the jury if it gets to that.

Michelle Wie missed the cut in the PGA John Deere Classic... tear... go play with the girls and when you finally win there maybe you can try to play with the boys again. Better yet, play against girls your age, learn how to win and handle the pressure that come with it and then give the LPGA a shot.

Lance Armstrong was left to defend on his own against his attackers today. His teamates were unable to keep up the rapid pace on the climb today, leaving Lance to fend for himself, which he was able to do adequately even on a day he wasnt at his best. He still has a comfortable minute plus advantage for the overall lead.

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