Sunday, January 14, 2007

bears/seahawks betting trend

from a local reputable handicapper...
Seattle at Chicago (-8.5) Total: 36.5

Chicago has been coasting for weeks. That can be good (they're rested) or bad (they're rusty).

The Bears have gotten constant criticism as the year has worn on and almost all of it revolves around QB Rex Grossman. They have been out-gained in four of their last six games and have declined a net 47 yards per game the last half of the season. Some of that must also be attributed to the loss of star DT Tommie Harris.

But the same "rested-home-team-off-a-home-loss-and-a-bye" angle that was such a positive trend for New Orleans also applies directly to these Bears.

The bottom line for me here is my belief the Bears are way better than the Seabags. And, while the Bears may have struggled down the stretch, Seattle's wandered aimlessly. In truth, they shouldn't have even made it past the Cowboys. Seattle's a banged up team that's nothing like last year's Super Bowl unit.

And check this out. When Mike Holmgren loses straight up to a home team coming off a home loss, he's 1-33-2- ATS. If you're gonna take Seattle take them because you believe they can win straight up. I don't believe they can.


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