Sunday, January 7, 2007

all kobe, all the time

Living in Dallas (since 6th grade), I root for all the local pro teams all the time. I'm not a two-percenter, I dont watch only when they're good, I watch every team every year, good or bad and if you've seen much of the Rangers or Mavs in the 90's or the Cowboys after Troy Aikman, there's been plenty of bad with these teams. In terms of who I'd watch first, it would probably be in this order Cowboys, Stars, Mavs, Rangers. The Cowboys edge out the Stars and Mavs simply because they only play 16 regular season games a year. This brings me to my point finally; the one time I have trouble rooting for a Dallas team is when the Mavs play the Lakers. I've been a Lakers fan forever, back before the Mavs were good (the first time around with Aguire and Blackman), back in the Magic and showtime days. The Mavs sucked then so I rooted for the Lakers mainly because of Magic Johnson, because he just wanted to win. So tonight, the Mavs took their 13 game winning streak out to Staples Center where Kobe hung 62 on them in 3 quarters last year and as the game moved into the fourth quarter with the Mavs ahead I had to pull for my man Kobe and the Lakers. Fourteen fourth quarter points later, they pulled off the upset and sent the Mavs packing, their win streak over. Sorry Mavs, I love to watch you but Kobe is Magic-esk, he just wants to win.

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