Thursday, December 7, 2006

zito to rangers? never gonna happen

Many of the DFW media seem to think the Rangers have a good chance at landing Barry Zito... I wonder what they're smoking. Cy Young Award winning pitchers don't come to Arlington to pitch. Actually, true #1 starters don't come to Arlington in general. Kevin Millwood was a nice signing last year and the Rangers paid him to be the #1 guy, but he doesn't have #1 stuff. He performed well and is an above average #2 pitcher, but he's not a staff ace. Vicente Padilla has great potential and a great re-sign by Jon Daniels. But with all the offense that the Rangers have let go so far this off-season (Matthews, Lee, ), Texas needs a true ace on this staff, someone like Zito. The problem is, those pitchers just don't come to Arlington.

Like Rangers, NY teams hold torch for Zito - By EVAN GRANT / The Dallas Morning News

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – You knew Barry Zito wouldn't come cheap. You didn't think he'd come easy either, did you? There is no doubt the Rangers are in on Zito. Read the rest here...

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