Friday, October 20, 2006

some firsts...

from Saturday...

Andy Reyes of St. Louis became the first rookie to win a World Series game since 2002.

Game 1 was the first time ever that two rookies have started a World Series Game 1 opposite each other.

Michigan State's 35 point comeback win over Northwestern and 38 unanswered points was the largest come from behind victory every in a Div 1-A game.

from last Monday night...
The Chicago Bears offense had a total of 39 yds in the 4th quarter Monday night against the Cardinals along with 2 turnovers.

The Bears became the 1st team to come back from a 20 pt deficit without scoring an offensive touchdown.

The Cardinals became the 1st team to lose 14 pt first qtr leads in 2 games in the same season... Arizona managed to do it in back to back games.

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