Sunday, October 15, 2006

the bcs is mostly just bs

I could rant on and on about how much the BcS sucks and how letting coaches and the media vote for a national champion is just plain ludacris. But explain to me how Harris poll voters today gave Missouri (6-1) 221 points a day after they lost to Texas A&M 25-19 while only giving Texas A&M (6-1) 126 points. Thats almost a 100 point difference. Did know one notice that previously unbeaten and 17th ranked Mizzou lost the game?

Even more stupidity...
• While Ohio State sure appears to be the best team in the nation and is ranked #1 in all the polls, they are third with the computer vote. I feel like Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men... Can you explain that?
• Auburn (6-1), who was dismissed rather easily two weeks ago by Arkansas is ranked higher than undefeated West Virginia (6-0) and Louisville (6-0) in the BcS.
• Louisville is also behind Florida (6-1) who just lost to Auburn.
• Why do the computers have USC #1 when they've just squeaked by in their last 3 games against Wash St, Washington and ASU?
• How does Tulsa even sniff the BcS Top 25? Seriously

Check out the complete BcS standings here.

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