Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Stars, Soriano and Owens

I've been to about 10 or 11 Stars games this year and not once have I seen them play as poorly as they did last night. Actually, last night was the first game they've lost that I've attended this season. What an absolutely horrible game by the Stars. To quote Mike Modano, "It was ugly to play and ugly to watch." Can I get an Amen? The Stars appeared to be just going through the motions. Bad passes, turning the puck over in their own zone. Poor power play execution. Weak goaltending. You name it, they did it poorly. The Stars have 5 home games in the next 8 days and I'll be at each of them so here's hoping they shake off that funk from last night against Anaheim starting tomorrow night against Minnesota.

Big shock that Soriano isn't planning on playing the outfield for Washington. The Nationals never asked Soriano prior to trading for him if he would be willing to play outfield and now they are paying the price. Texas had asked him to switch when he came over from the Yankees so why did the Nationals think it would be different this time around?

New Cowboy Terrel Owens has a new rap song out. Listen to it here. Word out of the Cowboys marketing organization is that Owen's new Cowboy jersey is already the top selling jersey on the Dallas Cowboys website.

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