Wednesday, March 8, 2006

beginning of the madness

Championship week is underway with the major conferences getting things kicked off today or tomorrow. Syracuse got a nice win over Cincinnati but will need to knock off UConn as well to get serious consideration for an at-large bid. Gerry McNamara make an amazing 3-pointer for the win, but watching the replay, it was an obvious travel on the play. They will need much more than luck to beat the Huskies tomorrow.

So CBS Sportsline is making the NCAA Tournament available On Demand on your computer for free this Thursday... all games, streaming onto your desktop. Sounds great, right? It's like the American dream! Except there could be some issues. Because of the intense demand expected (every year, ESPN and other sports sites notch record traffic during the first two days of the tournament), CBS Sportsline and the NCAA are sending out “400,000 to 1 million” VIP invites, allowing only those people immediate access to watch the games. If you’re not one of the VIPs, you’ll be put in a virtual waiting room until someone leaves … all I can say is, if I get in, there's no chance I'll even think of signing off. If by some miracle you do happen to get in, you better hope your server doesn’t go down (which you can almost count on happening), because then you’re not getting back in.

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