Tuesday, January 3, 2006

some musings from the bowl games...

• Does anyone care about any Bowl game played before Christmas? They generally have second-tier teams playing in places like Boise, Fort Worth and Shreveport.

• Teams that forgot to show up in no particular order: Georgia Tech, Miami, Iowa, Auburn, the Texas Tech offense and Georgia (in the 1st qtr)

• Teams lucky to win: Penn State, Nebraska, TCU, UCLA and Nevada

• No way is Texas Tech the second best team in the Big 12 and the team that should have been in the Cotton Bowl.

• The most dominating performance so far goes to the Ohio State Buckeyes who beat up Notre Dame on both sides of the ball. LSU's dismantaling of Miami (The U as they like to be called) comes in a close second, but anytime you hang 600+ yards on a ND team, that's quite an accomplishment. The score could have been much worse as well.

• AJ Hawk sacked his girlfriend's brother, Brady Quinn twice... gotta wonder how that affects the relationship?

• Ohio State's offense is much improved from earlier in the year when they gave a game away to Texas. I think its easy to say that had Tressel not split series between Smith and Zwick, a rare bad coaching decision on Jim Tressel's part, that the Buckeyes win that game. They also had a dropped touchdown pass late in the game that would have given them a win. If they played today, no doubt to me that Ohio State wins.

AJ and Troy

Santonio Holmes and Troy Smith

Laura Quinn not sure who to root for

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